Tips for specific preschool Syllabus

After the completion of the base curriculum framework, teachers can work toward planning their individual lesson projects. Current trends in preschool education aim for a comprehensive approach, explains the fulfilled way of teaching . The goal is to teach the whole child in these key areas:

·         Language development

·         Literacy

·         Math

·         Art

·         Social development

·         General awareness

·         Culture development

Because young children learn better from hands-on activities then they do in lecture environments (can you imagine a circle time that went on for hours?!), teachers should use big ideas to help develop vocabulary while establishing the child’s interest in science, math, and art. For example, lessons in dinosaurs offer information about history, animals, and nature while enriching the child’s vocabulary.

And at this age, focus on literacy, not reading, for teaching assignments. Teachers want to establish the importance of vocabulary and listening at this early age. This helps foster a love of reading as the child enters the elementary level classes.